Thursday, January 27, 2005

A giant came to mind

...this morning as I was reading about someone's super-sized baby. Suddenly, the museum I'd visited years ago in Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan became vivid again, and I could see my pale self standing at the foot of Edouard Beaupré's bed, the monstrous bed of a giant. Overwhelmed by heat, the lack of food, and this man's sad story, I, generally invincible and not at all prone to such things, grabbed onto the nearest solid object, worried I'd faint and fearing I'd never shake the landing.


Ariel Gordon said...

This post reminds me of Susan Swan's The Biggest Modern Woman of the World...interesting book, that.

Anonymous said...

And perhaps her best. I can't speak for the new one, What Cassanova Told Me, though I hear it's good.


Brenda Schmidt said...

Thanks for the heads-up, you two. I looked for Swan's book uptown today, but no luck.